Sad Face Emoticon

Sometimes You Need a Sad Face Emoticon to Express Your Feelings

Sad Face Emoticon bannerEver felt sad or wanting to cry and you just couldn't find words to describe to your friends how you feel? And a regular sad smiley just wasn't enough? :( We are here to help! Now with these sad smiley faces and emoticons, you can show your friends how you feel in graphics.

Just copy and paste each code right into your Facebook chat box and sad face smiley will appear. Whatever made you sad, one of these sad smileys will make you feel better, just look how cute they are!

Check Out These Sad Face Emoticon Icons to Use in Facebook Chat:

Even though we don't want you to be sad, we hope you will use these sad face emoticon images during your chats with friends. Every sad emoticon you use will make you feel better! And if you have any other sad smiley faces that you would like us to add to this list, just use the comment box below to let us know.

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