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Funny Dirty Emoticons & Adult Emoticons Codes

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Well, today i'll share with you some new, super cool and funny dirty emoticons & adult smileys. Perhaps you're going to be the first guy or gal among your friends who will be revealing to them these awesome adult emoticons. You're over 18 right? :)

Anyways, I'm convinced you're going to have fun on your favorite social sites after checking this blog post. Share these cute, sexy emoticons with your friends and enjoy together. By the way, if you would like to become part of our constantly growing community, "Like" us on Facebook and get updated whenever any new emoticons for Facebook come out.

Let's Start with This Set of Cool Sexy Emoticons:

You can use all the provided codes within your Facebook account by pasting a code of any desired emoticon right into the chat box.

Here Are Some More Cute Adult Emoticons & Smiley Faces

This one is my favorite sexy emoticon :)

I found these awesome dirty emoticons and sexy smiley faces on

Check also besides these sex emoticons other amazing smiley faces which you can use with your favorite social sites as well:

Winking smiley face

Middle finger emoticon

Laughing smiley

Crazy smiley faces

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