Crazy Smiley Faces

The "Craziest" Crazy Smiley Faces for Facebook Chat

Crazy Smiley Faces bannerLet's admit it, our friends can be a little crazy sometimes, and we need to let them know the truth in a funny way! Try one of these crazy smileys! We use crazy smiley faces often ourselves, because they are just so funny and a great way to end a joke, or reply to something funny your friend said.

Every crazy smiley face below is completely free of charge. Use the codes provided below each image, copy the whole code and paste it directly into the Facebook chat box. Both you and your chat partner will immediately see the image.

We assure you, it will bring a smile on both of your faces! These crazy emoticons look great in a chat box, they are big and can really make an impression.

Check Out These Crazy Face Emoticons & Crazy Smiley Faces to Use in Facebook Chat:

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Any crazy emoticon that you use will liven up the conversation, so don't hesitate to use them often. More people will smile and the world will be a happier place! We are also ready to hear your suggestions for any new crazy face emoticon that you might have. Just use comments below to let us know, or send us a photo and we will make a code just for you!

This site is growing every week. We are adding new funny smiley faces and animated emoticons regularly, so bookmark this website to remember to visit us often! And if you would like to let your friends know about these awesome crazy smiley faces, just share this page and let them know about these smiley codes, so that they can use them as well!

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